Anton Hamacher

Since 1994 Anton Hamacher has been a passionate flyfisher and flytier. As a teenager he began to work in the flyfishing industry which gave him the chance to work on trade shows all over the world and spending time abroad e.g. as a flyfishing guide in Chile.

After his studies of economics he started to work in an international advertising agency.

Aside from advertising he entered filmmaking in partnership with Daniel Göz for the production of the film “Gaula - River of Silver & Gold”.

He is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Anton holds an M.Sc. in economics

Daniel Göz

Daniel is a multi award-winning filmmaker and photographer. Daniel works as freelancer for outdoor/wildlife and flyfishing related productions. He works as independent filmmaker but also for BBC, Animal Planet and other media.

His first film “Tapâm” partnered with Jan Bach Kristensen received high respect by filmmakers and the worldwide flyfishing community. He was amongst the first to shoot outdoor films entirely with Canon’s DSLR 5DII and 7D, pushing the limits with the light cameras on underwater and aerial filmography.

His latest film is Gaula - River if Silver & Gold partnered with German Anton Hamacher. This is the technically most advanced flyfishing film to date, an outstanding cinematographic documentary on one of the last wild salmon rivers of Europe. Daniel is based in Frankfurt, where he works with the post-production company Gehrisch & Krack Film (G+K Film Frankfurt).

Daniel’s stellar photography has been published in magazines, catalogs and various media worldwide.

Daniel holds an M.Sc. in Geography